Goddess Aphrodite

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Goddess Aphrodite

Sultry Italian looks. Slim, petite body. Aphrodite's delicate skin glides effortlessly against yours, her candlelit, shimmering naked body, slowly melts into yours, skilfully and playfully arousing every exposed inch of your eagerly quivering body. Irresistably drawing you into a novel universe of pure bliss for an unforgettable peaking experience.

My name is Aphrodite - the Goddess of Love and Intimacy. I offer Tantric Massage in Chelsea for gentlemen, ladies and couples who would like to take their love life to a higher level by regaining a level of intimacy and enhancing their experience.

My journey so far...

An exquisite vision of naked inspiration and pure temptation, all of our Masseuses are the rare fruit of a meticulous selection process leaving only stunning beauties endowed with exciting passion for sensuality, playful personality, flawless physique and amazing sexual magnetism, to commence a painstaking and extensive, dedicated training devised exclusively by SEDUCTIVE TOUCH to emphasize natural talent and attributes, and to impart the vast knowledge infinitely essential to your complete sensory indulgence.

Always a picture of discreet sartorial elegance at first, she soon reveals herself to be, to your greatest delight, a passionate creature solely devoted to your pleasure, devastatingly desirable, irresistibly drawing you into “The Art of Seductive Touch”